About Me

I’m Stephanie.

I was born in South Africa. I grew up in the Mpumuza/Hilton Area. My parents are American missionaries, and I grew up on the campus of Union Bible Institute, a Zulu and English speaking Bible college. I went to a Zulu-speaking church (but my Zulu is still pretty poor!) I went to predominantly white, English schools in Hilton. I interned with iThemba Projects for about 6 months after high school. I then went to study English Literature and Sociology at Taylor University in Indiana. I then spent about 3 years in South Africa with my husband, working for a community development organization. Currently we’re back in the States, living in Texas while my husband gets his masters, I keep working on-line for iThemba and trying to figure out what it means to be a Texan!

Because I have grown up between so many different cultures, I’m very often frustrated with my identity–never feeling like I totally fit in anywhere. But slowly I am discovering that my true identity is as a child of God. And my role is not to pick one culture over the other. Instead, it’s to be a bridge–standing with a foot in both cultures and embracing the tension of being in-between.

I love South African tea, and American chocolate chips. I love the South African sun, and the snow of American Christmas’s. Mostly I love how God’s people are everywhere, no matter what continent or culture.

If you ever want to shoot me an email, I LOVE hearing from you! You can reach me at steph(dot)ebert17(at)gmail(dot)com.  Drop me a line!

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. nice Steph – my wife Valerie [aka tbV] spent ten years growing up in the Philippines as the daughter of missionaries and feels pretty much the same as you when it comes to culture and fitting in – we have been living in Americaland for the last three years [just ate a handful of American choc chips and have to agree!] and are about to head back to SA [CT] in August so more transition awaits us…

    just wanted to pop in and say hi and you’re not alone
    strength in Him
    love brett fish

    • Hi Brettfish,
      Thanks so much for stopping by– I was reminded of your blog by seeing your comment on Osheta’s “Jesus Feminist” blog post and was quite keen to read your posts on race. A conversation I think our country really needs to have. God’s blessing with your transitions, and eat as much chic chips as you can before you return to our waxy ones over here. 🙂

  2. I’m new here, but I wanted to say that your words are refreshing. Unsettling as it may be, you’re in a good place, not having grown up in the materialism of the states. It can be so difficult for Christians entrenched in American culture to see the larger picture. Thank you for letting your voice be heard.

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