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Race & Whiteness

What my car breakdown taught me about racismPea Soup and Brene BrownListening. Really listening /Guest post on BrettFish exploring white privilegeThe Problem we all live with

White Guys who were real heroes

South Africa: Afrikaner Revolutionary- Bram FischerPeter Kerchoff

America: Bartolome

 Sociology/Social Justice/Development

Brownies of Destruction…How Sociology Ruins EverythingSaving Drowning BabiesListening/ Those aren’t my kids/

 Missions (& Short-term missions)

SkillsOn Being NeedyA World Where Short-Term Trips Aren’t NeededDance of ServiceThe State of Western Missions, Talking Donkeys and a Video/ Listening/Poverty Tourism/One of the best short-term missions resources/

The Kingdom and one day All things New

Subverting the empire with prayer and other whispers of hopeWhat do you say when it’s Friday all around?Healed beggars and other delightfully compelling acts of God that people can’t ignore. /At the Beautiful gate. 

 iThemba Projects Stories

I’m Proud of YouSomething that Jesus Would Do

Creative Reflections

Maestro: A PoemMy Madiba StoryA poem for Mandela Day


Welcoming the stranger/ Some thoughts on suffering/What I learned from being poor for a month/When your neighbor is a stranger

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