Hospitality Series: Home

I’m really excited to welcome my friend, Annie, to the blog to wrap up our series on hospitality. If you’re just joining us, here’s the intro post, which has links to all the posts in the series. Annie works for the organization Dry Bones Denver with homeless and street-connected youth and young adults. Here’s their mission: In the context of relationships, practicing the way of Jesus, Dry Bones Denver works to meet spiritual and physical needs of homeless and street connected youth and young adults. We seek to equip and inspire all involved to relieve suffering, facilitate reconciliation, and free the heart to love. Annie’s emphasis on creating welcoming spaces through relationships, and practicing hospitality as a way of life is a great challenge to all of us. Enjoy!


Right now we have “home” on our mind at Dry Bones. I mean, it’s a pretty normal thing for us to be thinking about “homelessness,” but thinking extensively about “home” is another matter. It is the theme of our fundraiser, the theme of our conversations, and the theme of our personal work. Recently, a woman named Joyce has joined our staff. She is a life coach meets therapist meets wise sage. Much of her work with our community has to do with giving people the tools to find an “inner home,” a safe place where we can go to move through difficult, unfamiliar, anxiety-ridden circumstances. We all need an inner home.

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