Hey there— I’m moving!

Hey friends,

Thanks so much for following along my (increasingly sporadic) blogging over the past several…eight?!… years! I just wanted to let you know that as I’m concentrating more on writing this year, I’m moving my writing over to my site stephebert.com

If I did it right, you should be able to still find all the old blog posts under “articles”… and hopefully some new writing will be coming out of there soon.

I’ll still be blogging over there occasionally, so you’re welcome to subscribe, but I’m hoping to set up a monthly substack newsletter pretty soon. In the mean time you can find me on facebook or instagram: steph.e.writes

My big writing goal for the year is to research literary foremothers: writers who were also mothers — and how they did it. I’ll still be writing about social justice stuff, because it seems to be the only way I can process it all. And of course I’ll also be trying to share more about simplicity and tiny house living.

Thanks for following along this journey with me… some of you I’m now friends with in real life because of this blog, which is fun! Others of you I’ve always known in real life, and the thought you read my writing (and talk to me about it) is a real joy. Your comments, encouragement, and questions were always so thoughtful, and it has been a real privilege to get to process my life experiences in community with you. Thank you!

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